Jagan And Vijayasai Were The Conspirators: CBIThe High Court of Telangana called for a hearing on YS Jagan’s illegal assets case the other day. This comes after Hetero director Srinivas Reddy’s quash petition.

The CBI stated that this is a clear case of quid pro quo as Jagan’s Jagathi Publications received investments amounting to Rs 1246 crores in exchange for state government-oriented land allocations for Hetero.

CBI argued that the land allocation for Hetero and the investments in Jagathi Publications was carried out in a parallel manner.

The CBI added that Hetero director, Srinivas Reddy, YS Jagan, and Vijaysai Reddy are involved with the whole development and said they have necessary proofs to validate their claim. The court postponed the next hearing to Tuesday, 9th November.