Jagan and Sakshi Helped TDP Big TimeJagan Mohan Reddy owned Sakshi media has handled the ghastly Rape Incident in Dachepalli in the most ugly manner. Since the incident has happened YSR Congress is trying to paint Political Colour. Jagan himself tweeted that TDP leaders are behind the majority of Women Harassment issues happening in the state. The party has tried to paint the accused as a TDP worker.

After taking the line, Sakshi has alleged that the accused was encountered by the police. But then that has turned to be a Plus for the government as people were expecting a similar punishment to the accused. Realising the same, Sakshi News Paper has changed the tone. But Sakshi seems to have helped Chandrababu for the first time.

A major embarrassment is in for the party when the family members of the accused and locals revealed that the accused is a party worker of YSR Congress. Even though the party affiliation is not considered in such cases, YSR Congress made it and troubled it self in the greed to corner Chandrababu Naidu.

People are in admiration of Chandrababu Naidu government for resolving the case in just 48 hours and a strong message is sent to the people behind such crimes. Many believe that it is an encounter. In every way, YSR Congress and Sakshi helped TDP in the issue. When you are blinded by the urge for political advantage day in day out, such things bound to happen.