YS-Jagan-Modi-polavaramAccording to Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, the Central Government should bear the entire expense of the Polavaram project as it is identified as a National Project.

But Narendra Modi Government seems to be going back on that promise too along with the other bifurcation promises.

As per the reply to an RTI query, the Chief Engineer of the Central Water Corporation replied that according to the information available to them, the central government has to give Rs. 1,249 crores to AP for this project.

According to the prices of 2017-18, it is possible to complete the project only if more than Rs.28,000 crores are given.

The Central Government is not interested to give the money and Jagan Government is not interested in pursuing it with Delhi.

At the same time, the Jagan government is not interested to spend money on its own as it is completely focused on distributing freebies.

It’s like they won’t give and Jagan will not ask. Both of them together had delivered a final blow to Polavaram, the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh.