kcr jaganNarendra Modi led central government seem to be treading on a strange path. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is requesting the central government to allot an accommodation in Delhi for the last 16 months with out any luck. Naidu is entitled to get one according to the rules.

At one point, he was promised to be given Pramod Mahajan’s building but it was allotted to some one now. Incidentally Jagan has a building allotted by the center during YSR time and it is being continued even by the government. Jagan was not supposed to get that accommodation as he is only a first time MP then but Late YSR made it possible. Even though Jagan is not an MP now, the accommodation is still being continued.

On the other side, KCR did not vacate the bungalow allotted to him which was allotted when he was the Union Minister. Center confined only to give notices but is still continuing him there. All these are fine, but leaving out coalition partner is definitely not in good taste. Naidu refusing to stay in 5 Star hotels, is staying in Ministers’ quarters of AP Bhavan whenever he is in Delhi.