Jagan Is Upset With Viveka Since 2004Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are separated today but they are two kids of the same mother. But both the states are distinctly different. Hyderabad is the most developed of the two states.

Outside Hyderabad, the other Telangana districts were almost incomparable to the other areas of Hyderabad. Except for some areas of Seema, AP districts are prosperous thanks to agricultural lands.

Real estate also thrives well in Andhra Pradesh. The agricultural and non-agricultural lands in AP are goldmines. In comparison, Telangana lands used to be available at paltry.

There are numerous instances of one acre in AP fetching around 10 acres in Telangana.

But all that is a passe. Today, Telangana is an easy match or even better when compared to AP.

The real boom in Hyderabad thanks to the policies from Chandrababu Naidu and KCR continuing them have contributed big time. Outside of Hyderabad, KCR should also get the due credit.

Ever since Telangana has happened, we have seen a focus on building new projects and giving water to the farms. Rain gods have been also kind for the last few years.

Gone are the days, Telangana lands are barren and now, we have abundant water supply and quality power. KCR and Telangana’s cause has been helped by the government change in Andhra Pradesh.

Too much focus on freebies, lack of commitment to improving basic infrastructure, and zero investments ensured that investor sentiment in Andhra Pradesh is at an all-time low.

Previously, we used to see the rich of Telangana buying lands in AP but it is vice-versa now. The real estate has picked up in other districts of Telangana.

While land rates in AP did not appreciate after 2019, there has been an appreciation of a minimum of five times in Telangana.

While Andhra Pradesh is grappling with severe power cut issues, we do not see that much in Telangana. The power issue was supposed to be a pressing problem for Telangana after the bifurcation.

Probably, this is an example of what a decisive leadership can do to a state against all odds.

Jagan ever since taking oath as AP CM has actually benefitted Telangana in a way, one should say.