Jagan Activates Telangana Sleeper Cells Against Tollywood!While the stars of the Telugu film industry are worried even to speak a word about Jagan Government’s torture, the other side seems to be intelligently moving its pawns to corner the industry. To justify the ridiculously low ticket prices in AP, they are using Telangana.

The other day, we have seen CVL Narasimha Rao criticizing the G.O. No 120 of the Telangana Government that allows flexible pricing up to 295 Rupees. He is seen lauding Andhra Pradesh Government’s stance on the issue saying that it will benefit small films.

And then, we have a namesake Telangana Film Chamber doing the same. While the real Telangana Film Chamber headed by Suniel Narang has applauded the KCR Government’s G.O and requested Jagan Government to increase the praises, this Fake Chamber took the exact opposite stance.

Producer Prathani Ramakrishna Goud heads this fake chamber which is not recognized. The self-proclaimed chamber was made to heap praise on Jagan Government’s policy while finding fault with KCR’s. In fact, that is completely against the line taken by the industry.

People suspect that Jagan Government is behind this and they are trying to garner people’s support for their act by confusing them. “These people are acting like sleeper cells for AP Government. While the stars are fearing to speak and are hoping Jagan would change his mind one day, secret propaganda is being carried out silently,” says a producer to Mirchi9.