Comedian Hyper Adhi Hyper Adhi is a household name thanks to Jabardasth. But that is well, old news. The latest on him is that Adhi is taking one step at a time to get into active politics.

Hyper Adhi who is popular for his comedy timing and punches has proved that he can deliver a rather interesting and compelling political speech.

Though he seems to be popular for his Godavari district accent in Jabardasth, Hyper Adhi originally hails from Cheemakurthi in the Ongole district.

Recently, he got to speak during a Jana Sena event in Srikakulam and that’s when his clarity and his style of hitting back at rivals of Pawan Kalyan was visible to all.

Incidentally, Hyper Adhi is currently working in Pawan Kalyan starrer Hari Hara Veera Mallu and those in Jana Sena say that he ensured he became close to Pawan Kalyan during the shoot. Pawan too is said to be appreciative of Aadhi’s enthusiasm and presence on stage.

While Aadhi has said that he will accept any seat given to him during the elections, nothing has been spoken officially as yet. However, those in the Jana Sena cadre feel that Hyper Aadhi has his eyes firmly set on politics and becoming a Jana Sena MLA.