it-raids-gali-janardhan-reddy-mining-company-after-the-weddingAs all expected, the lavish wedding of his daughter attracted IT and a raid was done at Reddy’s Obulapuram Mining Company on Monday. It was really a bold step for Janardhan Reddy not to postpone the wedding even after the announcement of Modi on November 8th.

The wedding was planned a couple of months ago and the invitation cards which were showing off the luxury of Wedding were sent to all VIP’s before the Demonetization plan was announced by Modi. People expected that the wedding either be called out or postponed due to the ban, which did not happen. Gali managed to conduct the event as planned.

This led to suspicion about the money that he was able to spend in such a crucial state of demonetization. Many like Kejriwal, questioned government at no inquiry on the source of budget Reddy could spend on a Wedding, while others are struggling to get cash for their daily needs.

Wasn’t Reddy aware of this fact that such a shower of money at the time of cash crunch would drag IT toward him? Or Was Reddy ready for this already?