All the awareness campaigns on Vote importance and the paid holiday given by the IT-companies just got in vain. However going by the poll percentages, IT employees stayed indoors and enjoyed their paid holiday. While the administration expected 70% polling as against the 54 per cent recorded in the 2009 elections, actual polling remained only at around 60 per cent. Even this rise owes itself to the considerable increase of polling in Uppal constituency which is not an IT professionals residing area.

As per information provided by the district administration, the constituencies of Serilingampally, Kukatpally and Quthbullapur, the hubs of IT professionals, hardly registered growth in voting percentage. April 30th -Polling holiday, May 1st – May day followed by the weekend holiday gave five holidays on a trot provided a leave is taken on Friday, most of the employees availed it and went to their homes