YS- Jagan -  Narendra ModiYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is totally a different man post becoming the Chief Minister. While in Opposition, he used to lambast Chandrababu Naidu for hobnobbing with the BJP led Central Government even as they deny Special Status. He dared Chandrababu to withdraw from NDA and move the no-confidence motion on the Modi Government.

But now things are all different. Speaking to a National Media Channel, Jagan said, “I am the Chief Minister and he is the Prime Minister. We should work together. Since he is the Prime Minister and he came to my state, I gave him due respect. His co-operation is very important for the state”.

“I can not do anything about the Special Status. The story would have been different if NDA has got only 250 seats. I can only pray to god to change his heart,” Jagan added. If the last two quotes have Chandrababu Naidu instead of Jagan, it is the same stance Jagan criticized in the Opposition. It is almost like Chandrababu is talking to the media in the disguise of Jagan.

NDA did have the majority even in 2014. Probably, that’s how you come to Power by hook or crook. The frequent mentionning of ‘Viluvalu and Viswasaneeyatha’ is a big humbug, the social media accuses Jagan. We can safely conclude that Special Status is a gone case unless like how Jagan said if God manages to melt Modi’s heart.