Is Vishakapatnam Not in India?, KTR Hits Back It is known to our readers that Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao extended his support to the agitation against the Privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant. He even offered to go to Vishakapatnam and lend support to the people there. This has naturally invited huge criticism from Telangana BJP.

KTR has now responded to that criticism. “Why should we not comment on Vishakapatnam? Is Vishakapatnam not a part of India? If we let them go, these people will also privatize the state governments next. Why is BJP worried if we are talking about the people who are angry about privatization?,” KTR questioned.

“Tomorrow these people will be after BHEL and Singareni. If we think the Steel Plant issue is AP’s problem, they will be after us and we will have no one to talk to. We are Indians first and sons of Telangana next. We will talk about everything that is wrong,” the Minister added.

The other day, the Workers Unions in Vishakapatnam have performed Palabhishekam to a vinyl poster of KTR for the support to their cause.