While the ruckus about Seema Andhra employees working in Telangana is reaching new heights, it is only revealed that the TRS government is making too much out of too little. According to the states, out of the 9,500 state-cadre employees allocated to Telangana government, there are only around 300 to 400 Seemandhra employees.TRS government wants the animosities between Telangana and Andhra region to continue are making fuss out of nothing.

However Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in Delhi had finalized the file with the finer details and forwarded it to the Prime Minister. If the PM gets to sign on it, the allocation of state-cadre employees will be done offically. On the other side on the insistence of Narendra Modi, Chief Secretary PK Mohanty conducted a meeting with the Telangana and the Seemandhra employees’ unions and cleared their doubts on the allocation of state-cadre employees.