Is This Prashant Kishor's Survey Report Of Andhra Pradesh?A survey of Andhra Pradesh reportedly done by Prashant Kishor’s team has been published in a Newspaper. The report claims that YSR Congress which has won record 151 seats in the 2019 elections is facing severe anti-incumbency in at least 100 constituencies of AP.

According to the survey, the party’s position has deteriorated particularly in the last few months. Issues like abusing Chandrababu‘s wife, attacking TDP offices in the state, the high-headedness of many ruling party leaders, bad roads, sand, unemployment, etc have dented Government’s credibility big time.

The survey claims that dissent among the Government employees is likely to hurt the Government big time and the neutral voters who swung the election in favor of YSR Congress have almost distanced themselves in just two years into Jagan‘s rule. The survey does not mention the number of seats the parties are going to get.

“I can not vouch for the survey but it is true that Prashant Kishor‘s team gives periodic surveys about the condition of the client in the constituencies. The survey report does not mention the number of seats to each party. It will only mention the number of problematic constituencies, problems present, and remedies if available. The News Report is close at least to that extent,” a former employee of Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC told