Is This Narendra Modi's Answer to Pawan KalyanJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan who is a friend of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned into a foe after the latter went back on the Special Status Promise to Andhra Pradesh. In the past couple of months, Pawan Kalyan is raping up the topic of North and South divide by the Center.

Pawan Kalyan is strongly advocating that the Central Government is being partial to the North and is looking down at the South. He even challenged the imposition of Hindi on the South and challenged Central leaders to at least speak in one South Language.

We do not know if this has reached Narendra Modi but he has answered that. In Niti Aayog meeting of the Chief Ministers, Narendra Modi revealed the idea of making one language of the South mandatory in the schools of North to promote National Integrity.

This is the need hour as leaders have sworn the doubts of North hegemony in the people of South. It should be implemented before some leader starts separatist movements for Separate South. On the other side, Will Pawan Kalyan appreciate this step by Modi?