revanth reddy commentsThe recent comments of TDP leader Revanth Reddy on TRS leader Harish Rao have invariably led the latter to give a clarity and declare his faithfulness to the CM of Telangana who happens to be his uncle by family relation. Time and again Revanth Reddy reiterated that Harish Rao would be a better choice to be the CM of Telangana than the present CM KCR.

Though Revanth Reddy’s comments might have irked the TRS sources and cadre, internally the discussion and dialogue on the same is happening according to the popular opinion of the people. The reason behind this assumption is very simple. The way KCR is responding to his critics and the strategies he is employing to address various issues is not upto the mark of people’s expectations.

Moreover the language KCR is still using is also leaving the public in a state of confusion. Earlier when he was the leader of Telangana Movement, his way of expression used to boil the blood of the T-activists to fight for a seperate state for their region. But after becoming the CM of a state, KCR’s same kind of expression isn’t going well with the public.

KCR, as a leader should be different from KCR as a responsible people’s representative who is bestowed with governing a state. Many times when KCR attacked his opponents with mere use of harsh words unexpected of his stature, it was Harish Rao who has come to his uncle’s rescue by giving a logical reply or being more intelligible to the understanding of the masses. Instead of trying to instigate hatred, Harish attacks on the political opponents have been more impactful.

Moreover the way he is approachable to people and his immediate response to their needs makes a lot of difference in the eyes of people. While KCR’s comments and intolerance suggest a feudalistic stance, Harish is more diplomatic and concerned about the needs of the people. This suggests he being more democratic. Instead taking on a linear attack on TRS as opposition, Revanth Reddy is playing a constructive part by making the popular opinion evident towards the need of change in political scenario of the State. Do you agree?