Nara-Lokesh---RFIDMany of our leaders starting with Mahatma Gandhi wanted to teach Indians to keep their country clean and the struggle still continues. Modi government couldn’t bring as much result as it expected from Swachh Bharat campaign. Well, AP Minister Nara Lokesh has taken up a technically sound project to streamline the garbage sanitation procedure in the state.

This is a pilot project that Lokesh is trying to experiment and see if this works out to teach people on separating dry and wet waste and help the workers clear the garbage time to time by introducing RFID cards. As per the protocol of the project, a Radio Frequency Identification Chip will be tagged with every household which connects to the central server that helps in real-time monitoring of the waste management.

The chip collects the data on the quantity of wastage being produced from each house and estimates the amount of work to be assigned to clear that garbage on time. The project also facilitates the citizens to raise any complaints in case of disputes with garbage clearance. Well, that is a lot of tech usage and brains put up for garbage maintenance and sounds pretty interesting. We will only be able to see how this works only after the pilot trial is executed.