YS-Jagan-failures-listIn his concluding speech at Samaradeeksha in Mangalagiri, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that he will give back the lands taken from farmers once he is in power. Normal people to political experts are surprised at Jagan’s immature comments. Already the lands taken for the capital are being leveled. The state government is getting ready to start the capital construction from Dussehra.

Forget if the capital is ready or not by the next elections, but the lands will not remain as fertile as the farmers would want them. The lands will be digged, leveled and concrete constructed to make them suitable for roads or constructions. What will the farmers do with those lands? Ok if we assume that they will use them for real estate purpose.

Giving back the lands will mean that capital will be shifted, then the land prices will fall down all of a sudden. Which means they will not be used for farming as well as real estate. Does Jagan have anything in him before giving such foolish promises to the farmers? What about the money spent on capital construction by that time? Jagan better calm down! Elections are still long way to go!