Arun Jaitley, Arun Jaitley Cheated AP, MP Arun Jaitley Cheated AP, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Cheated AP, Arun Jaitley Cheated Andhra PradeshThe political situations in Andhra Pradesh are changing fast after Center declined Special Status to the state. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who a couple of days ago announced that he will not go to Delhi this time and only his MPs will be meeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the issue.

However, things changed all of sudden, Naidu called for a Press meet a little while ago and announced that he is going to Delhi on 4th to invite the President, Prime Minister, and some others to Krishna Pushkaralu. The timing of the visit came as a total surprise as Naidu did not mention about this visit a few days ago.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley informed to the Parliament that he spoke to Chief Minister regarding the issue. Naidu also mentioned about it in his Press meet. He went on to say Jaitley reiterated the Center’s commitment to helping the state. Naidu reportedly told him it is no use of convincing him but it is time to convince the people. He asked Jaitley to make an announcement in Parliament about the same.

Connecting the dots, we see that Naidu may have been asked to come to Delhi to resolve the issue. There is another question if Naidu himself is going to Delhi. The Chief Minister in his press meet while explaining about his Delhi tour said that he will meet the Prime Minister if he gives him an appointment. So, Is Naidu going? or Called to Delhi? Center should resolve the issue before things go out of hands. Already opposition parties including Congress are taking this as an advantage and is trying to score political points over BJP in this issue.