NDA Cheated AP, NDA Govt Cheated AP, NDA Government Cheated AP, NDA Cheated AP Special Status,  NDA Cheated AP CM Chandrababu NaiduOne of the biggest mistake of Andhra Pradesh during the state bifurcation is that not negotiating for a better deal when it is known that the division is inevitable. Back then no leader or party came for that as people are not at all in favour of division and would see those negotiating as traitors.

In one of the press conferences back then, Chandrababu Naidu mentioned how Five Lakh Crore should be given for the Capital construction alone. The other parties tried to portray him as a separatist and successfully silenced him. Now, everyone in the state is very well aware that BJP at the center is not in favour of the Special Status.

All those fighting for the Special Category Status are sure that the issue is a gone case but nobody is ready to negotiate for a Better Package. The Chief Minister the other day clarified that there is no way out and we should take whatever they give and proceed but then again his words are being twisted.

This will ensure that the Center announce some namesake Package and brush the topic aside. This will become a huge problem for the state in the long run. Every one including Pawan Kalyan should realize that BJP or the Central government has no stakes in Andhra Pradesh and any fight here will lead the state to nowhere. It is harsh but the truth!