Jayaprakash Narayan, Jayaprakash Narayan Amaravati, Jayaprakash Narayan Comments Amaravati Construction, Jayaprakash Narayan Comments AP Capital Amaravati, Lok Satta Jayaprakash Narayan Comments Amaravati ConstructionLok Satta Jaya Prakash Narayan is often regarded as one of the brilliant leaders in the state. After a brief political stint, JP announced his political retirement. The Lok Satta Founder is currently busy in media interviews and TV debates having a word about all contemporary issues of the state and national politics.

But when someone like JP speaks, people expect to have some constructive suggestions but that seem to be not the case now. Issues with TDP and Chandrababu Naidu seem to be blinding his vision. JP in a media interview went on to say that TDP government’s Amaravati plan is flawed.

He went on to suggest that government should build all the important government buildings in just 500 acres and leave it to natural development. The irony is that the other day, it is revealed in the Parliament that Central government is seeking 500 Acres from the state government for the Central Agriculture University promised in the Reorganization Act. So, if a university needs 500 Acres, only JP can say how 500 acres is enough for Amaravati.