Invited For Jagan's Meeting, Will Not Go: BalakrishnaActor and TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna had made some crucial comments about the ongoing ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh. He said that he will meet the Chief Minister if needed about his Hindupur constituency but not on ticket prices.

“I was invited to the meeting with Jagan but I refused to go. I never increase my remuneration and film budgets. I do not trouble my producers. I already gave some input on this issue. We need to think about the budgets which are touching roofs. We need to cut down on some luxuries. Akhanda became a big blockbuster even with such low prices,” Balakrishna said.

Controlling budgets and ticket prices are two different things. Both are needed in the industry in two different ways. Going to Jagan or not going is completely Balakrishna’s prerogative, but it’s better Balakrishna does not mix up both. Such comments will only increase the confusion at this juncture.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Ticket Prices hike G.O. will come only in the first week of March.