YS Jagan - MLA RojaThere are rumors, other day, that Nagari MLA Roja will resign as an MLA after she is vexed with the party seniors and minister encouraging her rivals in the constituency. Roja. However, Roja has come out and condemned these reports and say there is nothing of such sort.

Inside sources say Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had become serious on these leaks of Roja in the media. “You can not exert pressure on the party. If you Resign, you will be suspended mercilessly on disciplinary grounds,” a message reportedly has gone to Roja.

Roja expected Jagan to call her and talk to her about the problems she is facing in the constituency. But what has happened I’d exactly opposite. She got startled and clarified that she is not resigning. She even tried to appease Jagan by heaping Praises.

“I am like a sister to Jagananna. Thanks to him, I because MLA for two times. I will be indebted to him all my life and will walk with him always,” Roja announced. Probably, this also means that Roja may have to let go off the hopes of getting a Berth in the next cabinet expansion.