Inhuman Act of a Telangana Minister Azmeera Chandulal Goes ViralA picture of a Telangana Minister crossing a fatal accident ignoring the victim lying on the ground helpless has gone viral on social media. The minister was traveling with his convoy on the way which there was an accident of two-wheeler which he neglected and left on his own way.

As reported, a two-wheeler with 3 people traveling was hit by a truck at Palapampet village of Bhupalapally in which the rider was injured fatally and with the body lying on the road people around were looking for a vehicle to carry the injured to hospital, which the Minister Azmeera Chandulal, didn’t even bother to stop by and see to it for any help or even to offer one of his vehicles to take the victim to hospital. This inhuman act of a responsible leader was opposed by the people of his constituency.

When asked by media about the same, Minister’s office staff denied the incident as if they never witnessed the accident that day. But Minister later covered up his guilt saying that he was in a hurry and was on a call while passing the spot of the accident which is obviously not a selling answer.