Industry Leaves AP After YCP MLA Demands 15 CroreLeading Apparel brand, Jockey has announced a manufacturing unit in Anantapur during Chandrababu Naidu’s tenure.

The government back then allotted 60 acres of land to the apparel group but in 2020, it has decided to abandon its project and canceled the MoU it signed with the APIIC.

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Former minister Paritala Sunita has blamed YSRCP MLA Topudurthi Prakash Reddy for the decision of the Jockey industry.

“YSRCP leaders are already unable to provide employment. If they are driving away existing industries. What will happen to the youth?” she questioned.

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“MLA Topudurthi Prakash Reddy is the reason for this. He demanded Rs 15 crore from the industry owners. I challenge him to bring back the industry if he can,” she added.

“Jockey industry was brought under the TDP government in 2017 with the intention of creating employment opportunities for 6,000 people. Prakash Reddy is harassing people and looting assets since he became an MLA,” Paritala Sriram added.

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Along with the local unemployed, Paritala Sunita and Raptadu constituency TDP in-charge Paritala Sriram conducted a padayatra to the Tehsildar’s office.