Tollywood Industry YS Jagan YSRCEver since coming to power in 2019, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his men are of the opinion that the Telugu film industry is actually filled with people of Chandrababu Naidu’s community and they do not give proper respect to the Chief Minister.

Many believe that Andhra Pradesh Government troubling the industry with untenable ticket rates is mainly because the Chief Minister wants to teach the industry people a lesson. Meanwhile, YSR Congress supporters claim that Tollywood celebrities have hurt their leader once again.

This is in connection with the creation of a district on NTR. There is no reaction for this from the industry and also from the Nandamuri heroes so far. YSR Congress Social media wings are expressing their displeasure over this. “If at all, this was done by Chandrababu Naidu, they would have thanked from head to heels. They are maintaining stoic silence because it is Jagan,” they allege.

The industry did not interfere when Jagan ensured Ram Gopal Varma making films insulting Chandrababu and Lokesh. If at all the industry cares for all this, they should have responded when YSR Congress is using actors like Posani to abuse Pawan Kalyan. The industry actually did a favor to Jagan back then by not interfering in the issue.

It looks like YSR Congress is expecting selective responses from the industry that will suit its political agenda. Meanwhile, Kona Venkat, another YSRCP supporter in the industry has thanked the Government for the NTR district.