TDP-OngoleOngole Parliament is the stronghold of the YSR Congress. Earlier Congress won the constituency continuously and later, it is the turn of the YSR Congress.

Despite different attempts, TDP failed here. Magunta Sreenivasula Reddy, the sitting MP from YSR Congress won here four times.

TDP won only twice (1984 and 1999) here since its inception. The major drawback here for TDP is paradropping a candidate at the time of election and later disappearing.

Magunta Sreenivasula Reddy who fought on a TDP ticket in 2014 and Siddha Raghava Reddy in 2019 is in YSR Congress now. Since then, there is no incharge of TDP here.

In recent times, the only MLA of the party (Dola Sree Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy), incharges, and former MLAs of the seven assembly constituencies under the Ongole Lok Sabha constituency are working together.

An industrialist of the Reddy community belonging to the district is the frontrunner for the ticket. The industrialist funded the election expenditure of some TDP candidates in 2019.

The leaders and cadre say if the candidate is announced in advance and works together, it is not difficult to win the constituency.