India-USA-The US is the El Dorado for Indians, and how so. In a recent survey conducted in the USA, about 55% of Unicorn-level startups were owned by immigrant Indians. For the unversed, startups worth 1 billion or more are referred to as unicorns.

Incidentally, in the world’s top-rated economy, 319 startup unicorns belong to immigrants or have at least one immigrant (those of Indian origin) from a total of 582. And many of these 319 startups have Indians as partners or owners, says National Foundation for American Policy.

As 66 unicorns were started by those with Indian roots, India tops the list in the survey. Israel happens to be in the second position with 54 unicorns. The survey also found that in 133 unicorn startups, key positions such as that of a CEO, CTO, vice president, etc., were held by immigrant Indians. And these companies provided employment to about 859 people each under their leadership.

Another interesting point to note is that in the US, those who had established two or more unicorns comprised of four Indian-origin Americans. Mohit Arun, Asutosh Garg, Ajit Singh, and Jyoti Bansal are among those who pulled off the feat.

The total value of 319 unicorns started by immigrant Indians stands at $1.2 trillion as of now, which is higher than companies listed on the stock markets of wealthy nations.

In third place come British immigrants with 27 unicorns, Canadians with 22 unicorns, Chinese with 21, and France with 18, among others.