Indians Rank USAIndians slay a survey rank better than the rest of their Asian counterparts from China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Japan. Though previous studies showed similar statistics, the latest surveys too pointed out the same. Obviously, the stats have got everyone to sit up and take notice. In fact, it was spoken about in the Senate, and a case was made for streamlining the entry of Indians into the U.S.

As per studies, average American Indians are said to earn $100,500 and have the highest median household income in the U.S. The same was said by top American lawmaker Rich McCormick while addressing the U.S. House of Representatives. He said though Indians were 1% of the population, they pay about 6% of the taxes.

He said they primarily contributed to the economy, progressed through hard work, and, most importantly, abided by U.S. law. The data also showed that Indians held bachelor’s degrees while the national average is just 28 percent. According to the Press Trust of India, American Indians were ahead in terms of education and wealth.

Leading Indian industrialist Harsh Goenka opines that Indians do well as they are in high-paying jobs like I.T., engineering, and medicine. Meanwhile, McCormick also added that the American Indians also had lesser problems, like they wouldn’t come with issues like overdoses, depression, and anxiety. He added that it is time the U.S. looked at ways of regularising the entry of Indians into the U.S.