Indian Americans North TexasA few Texans playing cricket on a weekend afternoon, as some others watch the match keenly. All of this with a temple silhouette in the background. Sounds like a typical Indian space. Well, not actually. These are the kind of spottings that have become common in Texas, especially in North Texas and Fort Worth these days.

The Indian diaspora has made Texas their home during the past few years, and now there is an influx of young Indians both from India and other parts of the US. Though the immigration system remains a huge concern, the Indians boast of a huge political and economic clout, and their presence in large numbers cannot be missed throughout the Metroplex.

Right from technology to schools to politics and even religion, Indians have put their stamp on the ecosystem that is fast developing. The boom provides the right ecosystem for Indians from other areas to migrate into Texas and make it their home.

There are cinemas, food places, schools, and ideal warm weather that has made Texas a hot favorite with the increasingly affluent Indian community. And it’s not just tech jobs, the Indians are involved in forming religious groups, social groups, and political groups to help address the various issues that matter to both immigrant and US-born Indians.

Right now, 434,221 Indians live in the area and makeup 15% of the population. Indians are mostly found in computer science, mathematics, management, and health care. This has impacted the salaries of Indians, and Indian Americans make $58,879 as compared to other Indians who make $150,000.

This has pushed Indians to lobby for political representation, and bodies like SAAVETX are involved in mobilizing Texas-based Indians. Incidentally, the area is so full of Indians that the numbers of Latin Americans and Europeans have fallen drastically.

So, it’s not uncommon for cinemas to show Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu movies and the local Taco point being named Tikka Taco, which is a taco filled with tandoori chicken!