Google Green Card ProcessThe tech giant has just conducted massive layoffs along with other major tech companies. Already, the situation is causing panic among employees which has led to anxiety in the tech community.

However, for tech employees working in the US, here comes yet another piece of news that is bound to have them on the edge. Google has paused its Program Electronic Review Management (PERM), which is crucial for acquiring an employee-sponsored green card.

Google has already communicated the same through an employee to all its foreign employees saying it will pause PERM, leaving workers in an unhappy situation. An email from a company executive said that knowing how the new decision would impact them and their families, they wanted the employees to know the decision at the earliest.

A Google employee has posted the email on Team Blind, an anonymous social networking site for IT workers. However, Google has made it clear that it would continue to support PERM applications already submitted.

The current PERM rules have been in place since 2005 and it is an application to obtain certification from the Department of Labor for a specific job in a specific location at a particular time.