YouTuber-Ajey-Nagar-one-of-TIME's-top-10-'Next-Generation-Leaders'This young man got another credit in our country’s pride in the entertainment sector as he was titled the Next Generation Leader 2019 by Time Magazine this year. He is the 19-year-old YouTuber Ajey Nagar from Haryana who started off his YouTube craze at an of 10 years.

Ajey used to spend most of his time on YouTube since he was a kid that is when he got the idea to start his own videos and established his own channel named CarryMinati which now carries a whopping number of 6,827,342 subscribers.

It is definitely great to see an Indian name in any such achievements.

Even he became popular while taking revenge on a Swedish YouTuber who insulted the Indian English speaking. This diss track of Ajey in the form of a Hindi rap went viral making him famous in 2016 and now he is one of the popular YouTubers from India which consumes YouTube the most.