Indian Women Files a Lawsuit Against Racist American!Last month a woman, Esmeralda Upton, racially abused and even threatened a group of four Indian American women who were on a night out at Plano restaurant, outside of Sixty Vines off Dallas Parkway.
The woman now faces a civil lawsuit filed by Dr. Bidisha Rudra, an Indian. According to the lawsuit, Upton referred to the women as “you curry-ass bitches”.

Plano police confirmed the arrest of Esmeralda Upton and she faces two misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury and terroristic threats. Upton’s behavior is being investigated by Plano PD’s ‘Crime Against Persons’ Unit as a hate crime that could mean additional charges.

While Dr. Bidisha says she was rattled by what happened and now fears more such attacks, she did take the bold step of slapping charges on Upton.

However, it is still not revealed what demands have been made against Upton in the lawsuit.

Upton not only used racist abuse saying that she did not like f****ng Indians and even went on to hit one of the women who was recording the incident. Upton even threatened the women that she would shoot them.

As for Upton, she is sitting in a Plano Jail cell now on a $10,000 bond.