Results of The National Family Health Survey revealed a shocking stat regarding which gender in India is having their first sex, i.e., losing virginity earlier. The survey revealed that Indian women are losing virginity at an earlier age than that of men.

Not that they are in hurry, but their parents are in hurry to get the women married as soon as possible. The survey includes people that are married and unmarried and an age group of 24-50. Well, not many were honest in answering if they had sex before marriage, but as the results say, 11% of men and 2% of women in the age group of 15-24 had sex before marriage.

The average age of women to have their first sex is found out to be 19, whereas men do the same by the age of 24. The analysts report that this is due to the obvious reason for the women get married at an earlier age than that of men.