ChatGPT_Indian_mira_muratiChatGPT is the latest technology that has taken the world by storm. It reached over 100 million users within two months of its launch. The AI chatbot can permanently alter numerous industries, from business and law to entertainment and education.

Mira Murati, one of the brains behind this latest technology, has been in the news since ChatGPT became a sensation. Reportedly, her parents are of Indian origin, and hence Indians are owning her achievements as their own.

Mira (35) was born in San Francisco and raised in the USA. She completed her Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical, from Dartmouth College. She started her career as a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs. She joined OpenAI in 2018 a and has been working on such revolutionary concepts since then as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

ChatGPT is a language model from OpenAI designed to provide information, answer questions, and communicate with users in many styles and for different purposes with coherence, precision, and detail.