Indian Students Back door Entry USVietnam, one of the most affordable destinations for travelers is now popular with Indian students for a totally different reason. Well, the Indian students and our Telugu students wanting to pursue higher studies in the US are now willing to shell out Rs 1 lakh to travel to Vietnam and back for a US visa.

Owning to fears of rejection and long waiting queues, Telugu students from Hyderabad now find the Vietnam route convenient to fulfill their dollar dreams. Also, there is fear of rejection most times and this little detour to Vietnam has come as a god-sent to both students and their parents.

Students say that it is a sensible option as traveling to other Indian cities too would cost nothing less than Rs 50,000. Added to that, many don’t want to lose an academic year or get their visa rejected.

In fact, the US embassies are encouraging students to go to other countries for their visas. For the unversed, the wait time for F, M, and J visas is 70 days while in Vietnam one can get it in 6 days. The wait time for B1/ B2 is 611 days as compared to 26 days and 4 days in Vietnam and Bangkok respectively.

Overseas Consultancy firms too say that this is the latest trend in Hyderabad and advise that it is the best route to the US, this season.