Indian Student Stabbed In yet another case of race-initiated violence, an 18-year-old Indiana University Indian student was stabbed by a co-passenger on a bus without any provocation.

The girl student was standing at the door of the bus and was waiting for the bus doors to open when the woman now identified as Billie Pottroff went up to her and stabbed her 7 times in the head.

The student is now in hospital and is undergoing treatment, though the severity of the attack is yet unclear. The incident occurred in a public bus in Bloomington, Indiana, US. The person simply stabbed the student with a folding knife and later folded the knife and went and sat on her seat as if nothing had happened.

Billie then got down and was walking away when one of the passengers followed her and told the police about her whereabouts. The suspect, Billie, was jailed on $100,000 bail since her arrest and had a hearing scheduled, though it was cancelled.

While the date of her next hearing is unclear, the police have stated that the incident was racially provoked as Billie assumed the Asian student to be Chinese and made a statement “that it would be one less person to blow up our country.”

The victim’s family and friends have organized a fundraiser to meet the expenses of her treatment.