Indian_Student_Car_Accident_Northwest_MissouriIndian students meeting with fatal car accidents abroad have a sorry story to tell. Here’s one such instance involving an Indian student named Sahithi who met with a fatal car accident while travelling at US Highway 71.

Sahithi was in the passenger seat while her friend was driving the vehicle. The car hit a traffic light pole and was severely damaged leaving Sahithi severely injured. She was rushed to emergency care at Mosaic Life Care in St Joseph, Missouri.

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The medical team has identified that Sahithi has suffered a cervical spine fracture and multiple other serious injuries.

She underwent several surgeries (small bowel and omental repair, aortic graft placement, laminectomy and reduction of the burst fracture with rods and screws along with fusion) at Mosaic Life Care and is currently in the ICU.

Sahithi’s road to recovery is expected to be a long one, given the severity of the injuries she has sustained. Her parents are in India and they’re hoping for financial help from others.