Indian-Student-Ankit-Dies-Taking-Selfie-in-AustraliaAnkit, a 20-year-old who has been to Australia just a few months ago dies in an unfortunate incident of falling off a cliff at The Gap in Albany Australia. The incident occurred on Tuesday where Ankit went for a tour to The Gap, a popular tourist place.

Ankit was with his friends and as his friend who witnessed the bizarre told that Ankit was fond of pictures and wanted to take selfie close to the cliff. He was seen jumping and running on the rocks before he plunged into the sea from 40 feet.

The boy’s body was found at the seaside an hour later as he slipped. The officials there confirmed the death of the boy and are trying to contact Ankit’s parents to send back the body to India. Despite selfie deaths being reported frequently, sadly, there seems to be no change in the number of such deaths recorded.