Indian Student Touching American Dean Feet ViralIndian Student Touching American Dean Feet ViralA young man got graduated and was receiving his graduation certificate from the dean on the stage. He took the grade and bent down, touched the dean’s feet and got down. What is there to notice it? He was just trying to take blessings from the elder.

Yes, this sanskari act is not an issue in our country, but the foreign countries are no much aware of this sankari act of ours right! The same happened with this foreign guruji. This incident is from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where Gaurav Jhaveri after receiving the degree has touched his dean’s feet where the dean was wondering what the guy was trying to do.

That expression which the dean has got on his face is killing for which the video has gone viral on the internet with hilarious comments on the GIF. One of the hit captions was ” You can take an Indian out of India, but can never take India out of an Indian”! True, Isn’t it?