jailedAn Indian origin Internal doctor is going to spend one year in prison in USA for bribery. Paresh Patel, 55 of New Jersey reportedly accepted more than $174,000 in bribes in exchange for patient referrals to a mobile diagnostic company. He pleaded guilty before US district judge Mary Cooper.

He is in violation of Anti-Kickback Statute which is a criminal statute designed to protect patients and federal healthcare programmes from fraud and abuse by inhibiting the use of money to influence healthcare decisions. He reportedly resorted to bribery between September 2009 through December 2013.

Along with the prison term, he is also ordered to pay $6000 fine besides forfeiting more than $174,000 he received as part of the bribery scheme. Patel reportedly accepted the bribes in the form of property tax obligations and home renovation expenses from the diagnostic testing company.