Indian Owner's Drastic Step To Counter Crime In U.S.Neil Patel, an Indian American gas station owner in Philadelphia, has hired high-level security guards for his business, vexed with crimes. A whole lot of Indian students work at gas stations, and there have been quite a few incidents of shootouts, and over the years, the shootings have only increased.

Patel owns a Karco gas station in North Philadelphia, and he has hired Pennysylvia SITE agents clad with Kevlar vests and AR-15s after unending threats from criminals to his employees and customers. He says he is tired of all the nonsense, robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, and guns.

The latest move came after his business was thrashed by a gang, and an ATM machine and his car were stolen. The guards are trained and know how to use their guns and their taser, and they know the law. Patel says he is forced to hire high-level, state-level security and simply wants to be on guard.