Indian-Origin Teen Sent Shock Waves in Canada!A 17-yr-old teenager of Indian origin has been arrested after he shot at a fellow student from his school – Castlebrooke Secondary School, Brampton, Canada. The police who rushed to the spot have said that the incident was specifically targeted at the student who is now stable but in a life-threatening condition.

The incident sent shock waves in the neighborhood and the schools in the vicinity were closed for the rest of the day. The teen’s intention is yet unknown. For now, his identity is being kept under wraps as per law.

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The teenager was dressed in a dark T-shirt and dark trousers and was driving a vehicle when he shot at his fellow student. He then absconded from the spot, only to be caught later. Castlebrooke staff is helping out the police in identifying the cause. The police have also sought info or any mobile video footage from people present.