Indian MS Student Critical Post Hit and Run in USFundraisers have become a God-sent means for many Indians who are being supported by the Indian community through their large-hearted donations.

The latest one has been raised for Vidya Kallur Sudheendra who was trying to cross at a pedestrian crossing when a man hit her injuring her gravely. Vidya was severely injured, though the cops are still trying to trace the hit-and-run driver. She will need multiple surgeries followed by physical rehabilitation at a specialized facility to recover fully, which is likely to take around 2 years.

Vidya was a 3rd-semester student who was doing a master’s at the University of New Haven. Incidentally, the fundraiser has been initiated by her friends, also international students, who are looking at arranging for funds as Vidya did not have a source of income in the US. They are trying to bring her family to the US by facilitating passports and US visas.