Indian Gets Stabbed Brutally In New York In Public!In yet another attack on an Indo-American, Uber Eats delivery man Bharathbhai Patel was injured by an ex-con who the police described as super prep. Patel said that he was stabbed on the Lower East Side without saying a word.

But what caused more pain to Patel was that none of the bystanders came forward to help him or did anything later. He himself had to call 911 and was moved to Bellevue Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Patel, 36, happens to be a father of a 6-yr-old son who lives in Queens and was on Allen Street near Rivington Street when the deranged man Sean Cooper grabbed his e-bike. Patel held on to the bike and was stabbed multiple times.

Sean Cooper or Super Prep as he is known to the police has 103 previous busts under his belt and was charged with the brutal attack. The assailant was known to the police by his nickname Big Coop and he earned the moniker of ‘super prep’.

Meanwhile, Patel is recuperating says he was surprised by the attack and added that he was feeling much better.