Indian Family Saved From DeportationThe times are tough for the Indian community abroad with job cuts and the subsequent risk of deportation. Incidentally, an Indian family was saved from deportation, albeit not because of job cut.

Going into the story, an Indian family in Australia was saved from deportation by the Australian immigration minister intervened.

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Parents Aneesh Kollikkara and Krishna Aneesh migrated to Australia in 2016 with their children. They have a son named Aaryan Aneesh who suffers from Down syndrome.

The Australian immigration Department denied permanent residency for the family, saying Aneesh’s medical condition could potentially cost a lot of money for the healthcare system. It was estimated that Aneesh’s medical expenses might be over $664K over the next 10 years.

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While the family was on the brink of deportation, the Australian immigration minster intervened and promised to grant the family permanent residency.

The family is now on cloud nine with this decision from the immigration minister and the subsequent grant of permanent residency. They thanked the authorities for the timely help.

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