Indians_Canada_USA_borderIn a shocking and saddening incident, an Indian family was amongst the 8 dead bodies that were recovered near the Canadian border, trying to enter the USA illegally.

The local authorities reported that 8 dead bodies were found in a marsh at the St Lawrence River near the Canada-USA border.

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The 8 members, two of them are small kids under 3 years of age. Some of the adults are believed to be Indian immigrants who tried to enter the US illegally through the Canadian border. There’s also a Romanian amongst the dead.

It is reported that the two families were traveling in a boat before it collapsed and sank in the river, killing all 8 individuals who were trying to enter the USA illegally.

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The identities of the individuals haven’t been unveiled yet. Of late, such accidents have been on an alarming rise with more and more Indian natives getting killed in these accidents in the border area.

It is reported that over 48 individuals have entered the USA illegally through the Canadian border in the last few months.

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