US Professor Indian News_1Arvin Raj Mathur, 32, of Grass Lake in Jackson County, was arrested for writing disturbing and threatening emails to professors and students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A former graduate of the university, Mathur said, ‘he planned to hide the flesh of their children in hamburger meat.’

Mathur was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and he was held temporarily without bond. He is now in St Clair County Jail and awaiting a detention hearing in a federal court in Detroit. A former graduate of the Department of Anthropology, Mathur is now charged with interstate or foreign threat to injure following the authorities disclosing that he threatened nine Wisconsin residents.

Mathur made a brief appearance in federal court after being charged. Incidentally, one of the emails was to an anthropology prof in which he said two others he had emailed should “sue him right away.”

“Otherwise I will murder their children. Call the police and a lawyer, otherwise, I will kill their children and hide their flesh inside of their burger meat,” he said in an email. Mathur also sent an email to an asst professor saying, “We are going to kill your daughters.”

However, there is no comment from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.