Indian Arrested For Molesting Women On US FlightA California man Jairaj Singh Dhillon (42), was arrested and charged for allegedly molesting two women during a flight to Boston from Los Angeles.

According to Federal officials, Dhillon from Modesto was arrested at Boston Logan International Airport on Wednesday. The U.S. Department of Justice officials said that Dhillon was ‘engaged in nonconsensual sexual contact” with two women sitting next to him on the plane.

One woman said the accused touched her thigh and groin area while attending to her infant. She allegedly shouted, “This man just groped.”

The second woman was seated in the aisle seat opposite Dhillon. She said he molested her groin and buttocks while standing in the aisle.

The reports suggested that the flight crew then intervened and transferred Dhillon to another part of the plane for the flight’s duration.

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Judith Dein found Dhillon guilty of two counts of abusive sexual contact. Now he faces up to three years in prison with a huge $250,000 fine.

On Thursday, a detention hearing for him will be held.