Indian-American Student Guilty To Rape ChargesIndian students have been making the headlines in the USA for all the wrong reasons. The other day, it was Sai Varshith Kandula, who crashed the security gate at the White House and admitted he tried to assassinate the president, Biden.

Now, another Indian-American student has been found guilty in court. The student is named Kalp Patel and he has pleaded guilty to rape charges.

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Kalp was arrested by the police on 22 January this year after he attacked and tried to rape his fellow female residential assistant at Indiana University.

Kalp admitted that he took THC-laced gummy bears and was hallucinating about his fellow female residential assistant. He abused the victim, bit her fingers, and touched her. He pleaded guilty on all counts.

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He has now been sentenced to 546 days of unsupervised probation and escaped without any jail time.

Indiana University has announced that Patel is no longer allowed to enter his dorm and he has been banned from the Bloomington campus effective immediately.

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