Ro KhannaRo Khanna has been making headlines among Indians in the US for his regular appearances and his proactive strategy toward getting into the US Senate. However, his close allies and agencies that worked with him earlier seem to believe Ro Khanna has his eyes fixated on the White House, more so if Joe Biden decides not to contest for a second term.

While some reports say he might be looking beyond 2028, many of those who have been following him closely feel he might make a bid in 2024.

However, Ro Khanna has denied this in an interview saying he would support Biden if he were to contest again, though he would want to contest for the Senate.

Strategists and political analysts feel Ro Khanna would be a good bet for Senator’s post and if things work out in his favor, there is a high possibility that he would contest for the presidential seat.

As of now, Khanna is a US representative from California’s 17th congressional district since 2017.

Khanna has also spent money far ahead of his district in Silicon Valley and has hired seasoned strategists to project him as a probable and reliable candidate.